Achievements (English)

Biography of P&S Representative Director.Main achievements in music and bridal sector

Biography before coming to Japan

Born in Khabarovsk City, located on the east of Russia. Starting piano at the age of seven. Admitted to a specialized school for classical music education (piano course) at the age of eight, graduation after completing the seven year basic curriculum.

[1992] Admitted to the conducting department at the faculty of music in Khabarovsk State University of Art, specializing in chorus conducting.

[1996] Graduated from Khabarovsk State University of Art
Diploma: Chorus conductor and director, professor of vocal music and music, organizer of cultural and entertainment events, soloist and chorus singer.

[1996-1998] Worked as Solfege method teacher at a children’s school specializing in classic music in Khabarovsk City, as well as conducting the chorus of 1-3 grade students.

[1997-1998] Along with teaching music, performed music as synthesizer player and bridal performer at “Central Wedding Hall” in the center ward of Khabarovsk City

[1998] Completed a short term basic Japanese course.


Achievements after coming to Japan

[2001] Completed a basic Japanese course at “Kokusai Kotoba Gakuin” in Suruga-ward, of Shizuoka City, a Japanese language school for people outside Japan. Continuing self-education of Japanese since completing the course.

[2002] Launched language and music related services in Japan as solo proprietorship.
The activities of the representative director up to the present date follow the history of our company.


Achievements in Japan

[July, 2014] Won the first prize at the 6th Tokyo International Vocal Music Competition (Tokai Region/General Public Division)

Won the first prize in the general public division of Tokai Region Competition of the 6th Tokyo International Vocal Music Competition (hosted by Cantamus Corporation) for the performance of Jeanne d’Arc’s aria “Farewell, You Native Hills and Fields” from Tchaikovsky’s opera “The Maid of Orleans.”

Competition website: https://ivctokyo.com/ (Japanese only)


[September 2014] Launch of debut CD album “Covering my Favourite Songs.”

Click here to listen to the digest version of the album:


[2016] Took part in the recording of a theme song for a planetarium movie.

In November 2016, “Melody of Aurora: In Search of a Mysterious Light” (created by KAGAYA Studio) was released as a full-dome movie feature at Konica Minolta Planetarium “TENKU” in Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN. The program won the first prize as the most popular program at the 6th International Festival of Science Visualization. The program continues to be shown at planetariums and science museums throughout Japan and remains highly popular.
Accumulated total number of theaters showing the program: 43 theaters
Detail: Search for “プラネタリウム番組 (Planetarium program)” from KAGAYA STUDIO website.
Trailer: Search for “オーロラの調べ (Melody of Aurora)” full-dome movie trailer.
Soundtrack: Available for subscription etc. at streaming platforms (iTunes, Amazon, etc).

Movie/script KAGAYA
Music: Himekami
Narration: Tomoe Shinohara

[October 2013, March 2017] Took part in an in-flight live performance of music and singing for “Mid-Air Wedding,” the first event to be held in Japan.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Central Japan International Airport Centrair collaborated to present an exclusive event titled “Mid-Air Wedding on Board an Airplane.”
In October 2013, to mark the 500 couple to walk the “20,000 Feet Virgin Road,” a special event featuring in-flight live entertainment with musical performances were held. In March 2017, an even more large-scale event was held to mark the “39,000 Feet Virgin Road,” with the Representative Director taking part as the singer.

[October, 2017] Won the special prize at the first “Singing Competition 2017: Singing Classic Songs of the World Through Translated Lyrics” hosted by Japan Song Translator’s Society (JASTS).

Won the special prize at the first “Singing Competition 2017: Singing Masterpiece Songs of the World Through Translated Lyrics” hosted by Japan Song Translator’s Society (JASTS) for the performance of “The Rose” (Music/lyrics: Amanda McBroom, lyric translation: Isao Takahata).
First round of qualification: over 900 participants, final selection: 32 participants
Detail: Search for “JASTS 日本訳詩家協会”